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Cawnpore Club was founded in the year 1890 by the senior most authorities of Kanpur Including the top ranking Military officer and Leading elites of the City.

The Club was incorporated on 18th March 1898 under the Indian Companies Act-VI of 1882 and the company was limited by guarantee. Entire Building and land of Cawnpore Club was purchased by its founder member Mr. W.B.Wishart in a court auction by registered sale deed No.106.dt. 16-10-1897.

The Club building was constructed in the year 1833 and it was known as the Station Library. Later it was converted into Cawnpore Club by British Army officers for their recreation & leisure.

Indians were not permitted to enter in the cantt. area that time. British government had awarded ‘SIR’ title to three most prominent Indians of Kanpur, they were Sir Padampat Singhania, Sir J. P. Srivastava and Sir Har Govind Mishra who were member of this club.

Club is situated in cantonment and is spread over 22 acres of land and club membership comprises of elites of the city, Army, Air Force & Navy Serving / retired commissioned officers, the club was planned and developed as a prestigious forum of civilian elites and military officials.

The general committee created for the management and control of the club, has seven civilians and two seats reserved for the nominee of high officials of Military & Air Force. Memorandum & Article of Association was formed on 5th March 1898 with the help of the following founder member.

  1. Col . Lorne Campbell
  2. Col. P.Beddeley
  3. Mr. A.N. Trethewy
  4. Mr. C. Moberly
  5. Capt. J.W. Vanderzee
  6. Maj.W.G.Gale
  7. Mr. W.B.Wishart

Cawnpore Clube encompasses an area of 22 acres with sprawling 10 Lawns, Swimming Pool, Squash Courts, Air Conditioned Bar Room, A.C. Card Room, A.C. Family grill Room, A.C. Billiards Room, A.C. Children Video Game Room, Two A.C. Dining Room, A.C. Party Room, A.C. Suites, Tennis Courts, Dance Hall, A.C. Coffee Lounge, Beautiful Lobby and a well equipped Library with rare collection and a well equipped kitchen, A beautiful parking area for 200 Cars is well lighted.

Cawnpore Club also has distinction of being among top 100 elite clubs of India, it is one of the premier Club in U.P. and has affiliation with 111 exclusive club of India. Membership strength of the club is 2400 inclusive of Officers & High Dignitaries.


More About Club

Online Booking System

Online Booking System are becoming very popular in current scenario. Cawnpore Club also provides you Online Secure Booking System. Anyone can book rooms, lawns, club etc. from home by using online security to protect their privacy and financial information.

Surveillance & Security

Cawnpore club has further increased the security by installing surveillance cameras throughout . It helps to monitor the campus regularly. It enables us to be alert on all fronts so that our members can enjoy their evenings without any obstacles.


Employees and staff at the club have been given wireless Motorola handsets to instantly communicate with each other. They have been allotted CUG numbers for the purpose. Hence we can not only gauge the movements inside but also out side . This makes our parents more free to leave their off springs independently.

Internet Connectivity

Now at club you enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity (i.e. wireless connection) in all the rooms and suites.

Not only this, you can even connect as many wireless devices as you want with Hi speed broadband. That means now you can access hi speed internet without any interruption and hassles.

Branding & Promotion

Now at Cawnpore club, we are paying special attention towards branding and promotion. We have not only launched our website for the purpose but we ensure regular updation also on the site, with Facebook updates and Youtube channel. We are pleased to share that we have 35000 hits.

Improved Quality brochures, flyers and magazine are all the steps advancing towards our branding.

Website & E-commerce Portal

Keeping pace with the technological advancement, the committee has introduced our own website www.cawnporeclub.com. It is easily accessible and more user friendly .


There is no room to miss the fun as our website is linked to all social networking sites viz. facebook, twitter etc. Youtube can easily be accessesed from here .


As all events and occasions are covered, so you can see the clippings of the event at your convenience.
Our website has the following features


  1. Members can now easily log in and check the availability of the rooms , lawns, Klatch and the party room online. They can spontaneously go for online booking.
  2. Easy and safe payments via cards as our site is Verisign secured with SSL certificate which is one of the worlds best securities .
  3. Members who have missed on our monthly newsletter can easily read and download a PDF copy.
  4. Members have been allotted with their login systems where they can see /edit their profiles, check their previous booking etc.
  5. We have tried our best to make the website easy and comprehensive. Our back-office team regularly updates if with out fail.
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  • Cavalry Lounge

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