Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Notice Board

The Club’s main notice board will be placed at a prominent place in the premises. Notice will be placed on the notice board only with the permission of the general committee.

Removal or Damage of Club’s Property Building or Lawns

If a member or his guests or his dependants damages, destroys or takes away from the Club, any property, assets, he or she will be liable to pay for the damage or loss by way of penalty as the general committee may determine/decide.

Residential Accommodation (Suites)

  1. Accommodation in the club suites is primarily for members or out station guest of members and members of reciprocating clubs for bonafide residence.
  2. Allotment of club cottages will be made according to priority of booking.
  3. No permanent accommodation can be allowed to any One.
  4. The rates of suites may be revised from time to time by the General Committee.
  5. Any item, property if found missing or taken away or damage by the guest will be liable to pay for it.
  6. Notice of departure shall be given at the time of booking.
  7. The Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any mishappening to any property belonging to the occupant in whatsoever manner it may be caused.
  8. Residents shall be entitled to receive visitors to their suites from 8.00 am. to 11.00 p.m. such visitors shall be persons who are received/ accepted in general society.
  9. Hony. Secy/Committee or his authorised representative shall have access to inspect any suite at any time under occupation.
  10. Not with standing any thing contained in any of the bye laws, herein, before the right of admission for the use of club suites is reserved with the club management.
  11. Hony. Secy./General Committee will have full power to get the suite vacant by the occupant with out giving any notice at any time.
  12. Rates of per suite : Rs. 750/- on twin sharing basis check-out 12.00 noon.
  13. Keys will be handed over to reception at the time of departure.


  1. Following lawns are not allowed to be booked for private parties or private functions.
    1. Swimming Pool Lawns I & II.
    2. Rose Garden.
    3. Children Park
    4. Tennis Lawn
    5. Marriage Lawn near parking.
  2. Following Lawns can be given for private parties or marriages:
    1. Campbell Lawns
    2. Beddeley Lawns
    3. Twetewy Lawns
    4. Ashok Vatika
    5. Gale Lawn
    6. Wishart Lawn
  3. Rates for booking of these lawns will be decided by the general committee, from time to time.
  4. Members who have booked these lawns, will ensure that his/her guests do not enter club building, the guest will reserve themselves to the restricted area of booking.
  5. Any loss or damage done by the member or his guest will be penalized by the member.
  6. Club will not be responsible in whatsoever manner if any loss or theft or mishandling occurs during the functions.
  7. Electricity/Generator power supply will be given by the club as per rates decided by the general committee from time to time.
  8. At the time of function, member should ensure proper car parking, so as no hindrance occurs in the smooth running of the traffic.
  9. No loud music/D.J. is allowed to be played without prior permission.
  10. No entry/Exit for any function, will be allowed through the club’s main building.
  11. The Hony. Secy, will have full power to cancel any programme without giving any reason.
  12. No such person should be allowed/invited functions who can be dangerous in security of cantt. area.
  13. Any V.I.P. visiting the function should be informed before hand and permission to be taken by Hony. Secy.
  14. Proper security and safety have to be arranged by the person who is hosting the function and will be fully responsible for any mishandling.
  15. Hony. Secy, will have full power to cancel such type of programmes if he sees, that such thing can create any problem in security.
  16. Authorised Caterers / Decorator / Tamboowala / Electricians by the club will be only allowed.
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